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Pearl River 72 Bass Accordion

A good tone with a range of reed options, and enough bass buttone to play without being too big. Complete with bag and shoulder straps



Pearl River 32 Bass Accordion

This is a great size for starting on, being more comfortable than the usual 48 or 72 bass. Still enough range, and these are also popular as 'travel' accordions, due to the size. Great value at only:


Due to popular demand, I've restocked my range of accordions - these versatile instruments are making something of a come back. The Pearl River models I sell are perfect for getting into this interesting instrument, being decently made and brilliant value. Enjoy!

Palatino 20 Button Concertina

A great way to get into the instrument this is a nice basic concertina, with enough buttons for starting. It's also a good instrument to port around for those jam sessions and pub singalongs. Complete with carrying box. Special price only: